Promotion - Did you say LIGHT?

Marrette® - Marrette® 933TM PRO-BLUTM Promo – Did you say LIGHT?

The Marrette PRO-BLU 2022 promotion arrives at electrical distributors on September 15. Gifts have been inserted in each Marrette 933 PRO-BLU wire connector container. These nice surprises can light up your team's work environment

• BARREL (933BAR - 25,000 units) → 4 safety glasses with integrated LED lights and 3 headlights

• FLIP-PAK (933BK - 10,000 unit → 2 safety glasses with integrated LED lights and one headlight

• JAR (933JAR-1000 - 1,000 units → one pen size flashlight

Don’t delay! The promotion will run while supplies last.

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