Microlectric® CO2 Series
Combination meter socket with studs


Underground power

Elevating safety beyond expectations

Amidst the rising trend towards underground power connections in new developments, and the consequential shifts in terrain prompted by climatic changes, utility safety standards are evolving rapidly. ​

Introducing: the newcomer in the Microlectric CO2 series, the first underground meter socket combined with a breaker unit equipped with studs, for easy installation with compression lugs.​

Key Benefits:

  • 200 A 120/240 V; Combined with breaker unit​
  • Unparalleled safety​
  • Simple, fast and safe installation​
  • For underground installation only​
  • Phases and neutral line side with studs for compression lugs up to 350 Kcmil ​
  • Phases and neutral load side with mechanical lugs up to 250 Kcmil​
  • Pre-installed neutral conductor ​
  • Equipped with adjustable breaker bridge and removable gutter​
  • Factory installed 2 pole circuit breaker, supplied with 22 Ka ABB breakers or 10 Ka ABB breakers​
  • CSA certified and comply with CSA Standard C22.2 No. 115:20
  • Made in Canada

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Where to buy your Microlectric CO2 combinaison meter socket with studs

Click on the catalogue number to find where to buy your CO2 with studs meter socket and to get more details about the products.

Cat. no. Service Description
CO2-200HI-UG​ Underground​ Comes complete with ABB type A2N 2 poles 200 A 22 ka rated circuit breaker​
CO2-200UG Underground​ Comes complete with ABB type A2A 2 poles 200 A 10 Ka rated circuit breaker​
CO2-150HI-UG​ Underground​ Comes complete with ABB type A2N 2 poles 150 A 22 Ka rated circuit breaker
CO2-150UG Underground​ Comes complete with ABB type A2A 2 poles 150 A 10 Ka rated circuit braker​
CO2-125HI-UG​ Underground​ Comes complete with ABB type A2N 2 poles 125 A 22 Ka rated circuit breaker​
CO2-125UG  Underground​ Comes complete with ABB type A2A 2 poles 125 A 10 Ka rated circuit breaker​​

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