Marrette® - PRO-BLUTM 933TM

The new PRO-BLUTM 933TM wire connector was developed with the installer’s needs in mind.

The PRO-BLUTM design incorporates a range of features that makes installation easy and painless, even when installing multiple wire connectors:

  • Made of durable polypropylene resistant to temperatures up to 125°C (257°F),
  • Wide range of wire combinations: #22 to #8 solid or stranded,
  • The true-blue Marrette® offers a top-quality ergonomic design
  • Ergonomic twisting wings,
  • Rounded secure edge,
  • Approved for 600 V maximum copper building wire and 1,000 V maximum in signs or lighting fixtures,
  • LIVE ACTION® variable volume spring,
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada